Air New Zealand Pulls Jonah from Tonga from In-Flight Entertainment



Air New Zealand has said it will pull Jonah from Tonga from its in-flight entertainment.

The six part series, produced by Australia’s ABC and sold to HBO worldwide, features a white 39 year old Australian, Chris Lilley, playing the role of a 14 year old criminal, profane ‘Tongan’ boy.

The series was widely called racist by a range of US civil rights groups, the Washington Post, The Guardian, and many others. Just today, the Huffington Post ran a feature on the show entitled: ‘HBO Offends Entire Country After Jonah From Tonga Uses Brownface’.

Air New Zealand had been running the show, even on flights to and from Tonga.

There was a social media movement asking Air New Zealand to cease airing the show. Some of those who wrote in recently received a reply from Air New Zealand that read: “I would like to apologise for any offence that may have been caused by the screening of Jonah from Tonga onboard out aircraft. Our in-flight entertainment team have reviewed this and it will be removed from our aircraft in September as each aircraft is updated.”

Air New Zealand Jonah from Tonga

One of the replies sent by Air New Zealand to those who wrote in to complain about Jonah from Tonga.


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