Team Tonga Wins Celtic Hearts At Commonwealth Games


Tongan Commonwealth Bronze medalist Lomalito Moala is a longtime fan of Galsgow’s football team, the Celtics. So, when he arrived in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, he made sure to pick up a Celtics jersey. It is now one of the most famous Celtics jerseys ever.

On July 21st, Moala tweeted: @lomalitomoala “Get me 100+ retweets I will carry the Celtic jersey opening ceremony #CommonwealthGames #Glasgow2014 #tonga #scotland”.

He soon had hundreds of retweets and thousands of new followers (he’s currently at over 8,600). The Celtics themselves invited Moala and some of the Tongan team to a game where they were treated like honoured guests — now part of the Celtic family.

Celtics Moala said: “I love Celtic. The fans are just crazy. We all represent Tonga and now we have Celtic behind Tonga and we’re behind Celtic so hopefully it’s the start of a new partnership.” The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was held in Celtics stadium — so the local crowd was particularly thrilled when Moala stayed true to his word and carried the Celtics jersey. Afterwards he tweeted:

So far, his message of friendship has been favourited 1,300 times. As far as the Tonga Herald is concerned, Team Tonga has already won Gold.


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