Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2011-2014



Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2011-2014

The key development and guiding document of the Tu’ivakano Administration, 2010-2014. It was compiled by all ministries under the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and presented to Prime Minister Tu’ivakano under the direction of [fmr] Finance Minister Sunia Fili.

It gives fundamental principles and approaches, goals and objectives, and the responsible ministries and departments for implementation and evaluation.

The document itself shall also be the best yardstick in gauging the administration’s own performance, outlook, and vision during its term of office.

Although it identifies itself as a “strategic” framework, it focuses more on specific development issues, but more importantly advancing technical operational and administrative functions of the various government agencies.

In other words, it is mostly prescribing standards of service delivery.

It is not a strategic doctrine in its own right, where unitary state functions/directions and engagements, are to be pursued and achieved and its relevant objective and justifications.

It is conservative on macro-economic reforms and objectives, and “new” (if any) standards of social-economic reform programs and its relevant objectives.

Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2011-2014



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